how to improve communication skills

7 Simple Tips on How to Improve Communication Skills

Communication skills are at the top of all the skills. Through your communication, you convey your message to others, persuade them, and make them willing to do anything. So, your communication skills must be effective and impressive if you want to succeed in the workplace. Especially, if you are leading a team or generation, you must possess great communication skills to make people your followers.

But the point is that how can you improve these skills? Should you take a class for it to watch any TED Talk? The solution is here. Below are some tips. By following them, you can improve your communication skills.

  1. Enhance listening skills
    You cannot become the best communicator unless you are the best listener. If you are a leader or senior, listen to your juniors or coworkers carefully without any judgment. Then take a little bit of time and respond. Give your feedback or any solution if there is any problem.  While communicating with others, create a cooperative conversation and supportive environment. 
  2. Respect your audience
    In communication, the audience is the most important factor you are interacting with. While communicating with your audience, you must know the goal of communication and whom you are speaking to. You should pay attention to what the people say and respect their different perspectives.
  3. Body language
    At face-to-face meetings, your body language has a core part in communication skills. According to a study, 65% of communication is non-verbal. Your body language and gestures convey a message to your audience. So, your body language must be impressive.  
  4. Think before you speak
    After listening to others, take a pause rather than speak immediately about what comes to your mind. Think about what you are going to say and what will be its effect. By developing this habit, you can save yourself from embarrassment in front of your audience.  
  5. Positive attitude and smile
    Your positive attitude and smile can impress even a rigid person. So, always treat others positively and have a smile on your face even if you’re talking on your phone. This will make others also positive towards you. 
  6. Say simple, brief, and specific
    Your words are most important. While you communicate with others, make your arguments clear and concise.  Always choose simple and brief words to convey your message. No one likes to read your long messages or listen to you for a long time. So, make your conversation as concise and specific as you can.  Remember that the Gettysburg address by Lincoln consisted of 286 words having two minutes long. 
  7. Maintain eye contact
    While speaking before a crowd or a single person, always maintain eye contact. It will show your confidence and make your arguments strong enough to persuade others.  

To communicate impressively and effectively is an art. Through this art, you can make everyone your follower. Best communication skills create a strong impression on others you meet. Without these skills, you cannot succeed in any field of life.  

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