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Home Remedy for Migraine – 10 Easy to Get Remedies

Migraine is a type of headache. It is a moderate to severe type of pain. When a migraine strikes, you feel sensitivity to sound and light. If you are suffering from a migraine problem, we have a lot of home remedies to relieve it. By following these remedies, you can get rid of this pain.

  1. Lavender oil
    Using lavender oil proves effective in migraine conditions. Inhale for 15 minutes and see the result. You can inhale it directly or apply it to the temples. Check this Artizen Pure Lavender oil.
  2. Acupressure
    Acupressure is the best way to treat migraines. It is a therapy to relieve pain. Pressure is applied with the hands and fingers to certain points to relieve pain or other symptoms. 
  3. Drink water
    Dehydration causes migraines. You must take enough fluids and water-rich foods in your daily routine. While feeling a migraine, drink appropriate amounts of water. It will soothe you.
  4. Alcohol
    Although alcohol doesn’t cause migraines, it can increase it. Alcohol works as a diuretic that causes loss of fluids from the body through urination. This results in dehydration and later on leads to worsening migraines. So, try to avoid alcohol especially in migraine conditions.
  5. Adequate sleep
    Lack of sleep (less than six hours) also causes migraines. Our brain needs proper rest to work in a better way. If we do not take proper rest, it disrupts and causes pain. Meanwhile, too much sleep (more than nine hours) also causes migraines as well. So it is important to get the right amount of sleep. Read this book on why we need enough sleep.
  6. Peppermint oil
    Essential oils contain aromatic compounds and have therapeutic benefits. They are beneficial to relieve the pain. Apply peppermint oil on your temples, forehead, or upper lip. You can also inhale it.
  7. Use of magnesium 
    You can get rid of migraines by including magnesium in your diet. Eat food that contains magnesium. It is an effective and safe remedy to relieve pain. 
  8. Ice pack
    Put an ice pack or cold compress on your scalp, forehead, or neck area to relieve the pain. You can also use a washcloth by rinsing it in cold water or a frozen gel pack. It constricts blood vessels and slows down nerve conduction. For a cold compress, take a waterproof bag and fill it with ice. Now wrap it with a towel and use it as a cold compress. 
  9. Yoga
    Make a habit of yoga. It decreases pain and stress, increases flexibility, and improves our health.  Regular practice of yoga reduces the intensity and frequency of migraines. The study shows that the people who practice yoga recover soon from migraines as compared to those who do not practice yoga at all.
  10. Taking caffeine 
    Taking beverages like tea or coffee that contain caffeine can relieve migraines. Caffeine has a positive effect. It triggers our body functions, increases alertness, improves our mood, and also constricts blood vessels.   

Yoga, essential oils, appropriate diet, and supplements are natural and effective ways to relieve migraine symptoms. If you are suffering from migraines, you must try these remedies.

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